FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

India has always carried thousands of years of rich cultural and natural heritage, 86 national parks, 448 wildlife reserves, more than 2.4 million temples, mosques and churches, majestic forts and palaces, the Great Himalayas, vast coastline and many attractions including, one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Step into a world of splendid colors, wide-open spaces and exotic cultural treasures. We want to invite you to a dream vacation in India.

Beyond Travel Solutions

You can contact BTS via email at info@beyondtravels.com or at the following nos. 0124 - 408 8678, 0124 - 3208678, 98103 01054 and +91 9999411119 from 0930 Hrs to 1800 Hrs IST (Monday thru Friday) and from 0930 Hrs to 1500 Hrs IST on Saturday. The correspondence may be sent to the address given in Contact Us.
We advise you to arrange travel insurance in your own country. However we provide insurance if you are traveling from India to some other country.
There are few hotels which normally ask for non refundable deposit at the time of booking for example - hotels in Goa, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries etc. during their peak period. Therefore you are requested to please check with us regarding the same. The cancellation charges for the airlines apply as per their norms and are usually applicable in advance purchases. Kindly contact us for any cancellations or changes in the bookings made through us.
In brief, if you opt for a tour that has to be tailor made to meet the requirements in accordance with your travel, and then we at Beyond Travel Solutions will plan effectively every aspect of your tour, including your desired destinations the number of people that are included in the trip for exploration and your need to relax. After you have explained this to us as part of the process of customization we take specific areas of your interest, preferences and needs that are then weighted with our knowledge and highlights of the area. Itineraries are prepared in accordance with the places that are most frequently visited by travelers but we at BTS take pride in giving the best to our customers.
In a money belt or in a passport pouch that is carried around the neck. This way it is always in front of you, in your sight (rupees, dollars, passport, travelers checks, etc.) you can avail these travel pouches at any tourist shop. It is advisable not to carry cash on the front pocket and never be left in your baggage when you are not present in the vicinity of it.
It is always advisable to drink bottled water, bottled drinks. If you are traveling without a guide in India you may ask the waiter not to put any chilies to the ordered dish avoid eating spicy at least at the start of your journey to India. As you get acquainted to the Indian environment you can start choosing from the whole array of Indian cuisine offering you the best in culinary art and add a memorable experience to your stay in India.
India is known to be a shopper’s paradise where one can find a variety of articles ranging from clothes to handicrafts, from leather goods to wooden and clay artifacts. We would recommend you to shop from the Government Emporiums, as they are the best when it comes to price, however you can find such articles in local markets also and is always advisable to bargain in such places. Most of the large stores will ship your purchases for you, though, for convenience and to avoid postal delays, it is advisable to carry your shopping with you or to book it as baggage.