Hotel The Centre Point

The CentrePoint, a part of upcoming chain hotel from Balchandra Hotels PVT-LTD by the diversified form of business from Balachandra builders Pvt. Ltd. has so much to offer at amazing room tariff, tasty and yummy food with the best service with a warm friendly welcome. The Rooms are built in such a way keeping in mind the amenities required as well as the choicest food with exclusive tastes according to the choice of the guest and the place from where they come. When you think of comfort and taste CentrePoint comes before you.

Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes the world over, has clearly emerged as a major driver of the economy after infrastructure, energy and technology sectors. As India claims its rightful place on the global tourism map, The Balchandra Hotel's Private Limited India is clearly poised to reap this great opportunity to its optimum potential. An indication of our growing success is our guest list which includes some of the well-known and most prominent persons in the world.