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Mathura situated along the banks of the river Yamuna is a district of Uttar Pradesh state of northern India. The District is part of
Agra division. Mathura is bounded on the northeast by Aligarh district, on the southeast by Hathras district, on the south by Agra district, and on the west by Rajasthan and northwest by Haryana state.

Mathura district is an important pilgrimage centre of Hindus. The city is mentioned in the oldest Indian epic, the Ramayana. The bigger Krishna shrine, better known as Dwarkadeesh temple is a few metres away from what is believed to be the actual birthplace of Lord Krishna, was built in 1815 by Seth Gokuldas Parikh, Treasurer of Gwalior.

People in Mathura and nearby areas speak Braj. The residents or natives of Mathura are called Brijwasi.  Mathura Refinery located in the city is one of the biggest oil refineries of Asia. Textile printing industry that includes both sari-printing and fabric dyeing and silver ornaments manufacturing are major industrial contributors to the region. It is also a hub for production of milk based sweet meats,prominent among them being mathura Pedas and burfis.

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